Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Choosing a web hosting provider

There are not too many companies that are offer shared web hosting with Mono. One of the ones that does is Ubiquity and that is who I decided to go with. Their price was pretty good at $5.95 a month for a one year commitment with a 45 day money back guarantee plus free domain registration. That is $71.40 up front.

I liked their feature set and the comments on the web about them seemed mostly favorable.

After I went through their sign-up process I was excited to try it out and start playing around with it but when I tried the IP address they gave me it was not set up yet. I kept trying over the next couple days. I looked through their website to find out how long it would take and I saw that it could take up to 72 hours for some set ups and if it still wasn't set up after that to enter a support ticket.

So I entered a support ticket and a few hours later someone got back to me and said it was working fine for them. I emailed them back that I was still unable to access it and that ping and tracert were not working. A few hours later they emailed me back and said my IP address had been blocked on their firewall and that it should be working now.

Doh. I should have opened up a ticket sooner.

It was still a ways away from getting things working at that point though. Read more.


maranthaen unai said...


maranthaen unai said...

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